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Clark Fredericks’ story is one that must be heard. It is compelling because it challenges people — brings us to unpack the biases that prevent us from empathizing with others. While silence and reticence are normal reactions to trauma, his story warns people about the implications of keeping our trauma a secret and reminding us that redemption is possible. Clark Fredericks is a living testament to the idea that the worst thing we’ve done may not always be representative of our character.

                                         --  Bintou D. (Bronx, NY)

Clark is an example of good people coming into your life when you are doing the next right thing. You are a shining example of how a person can take the worst that life can throw at you and find the positive. You are truly a selfless strong willed person who has come a long, long way and I words can’t describe how proud I am of what you accomplished.


                               -- Jemarie M. (Belvidere, NJ)

I can remember thinking, Clark has been through hell and yet he can still find the positive, no matter how bad things got. If someone like Clark can stand tall through this, then I should be able to find the positive in my own life as well. Since that time I haven’t looked back – I can’t thank you enough for that.

                                         -- Harry G. (Newton, NJ)

I had the privilege of having Clark speak to my Criminal Justice class today. His story is a fascinating one, and yet one that is hopefully never repeated. I admire the work he has done to reform laws that will extend protections to other victims. While it may appear an unlikely friendship on paper, it is one that I am proud to acknowledge.


-- Thomas S., DSc CCP (Long Branch, NJ)

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